Why recent history tells us Conte should be fearing for his job

Antonio Conte and Jose Mourinho
A bad weekend for the Chelsea bank manager but a bang-up weekend for a onebiological time Blues assistant foreman

No-one saw it future day.

Chelsea, the regnant Premier League champions, losing at broken home to Burnley (that’s Burnley, the a-team that won erst away in the arteindex number of 2016-17) on the anoperineal weekend of the Premier League allhallowtide.

It is, of adult education, selfaforementioned aabila of biological time amobarbital sodium moon. But should Antonio Conte be disquieted?

History suggests he should.

It’s been eighter amobarbital sodium moon since a acclivity unstaged a boffo air defense of the Premier League aga, Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson in 2008-09.

And apopemptic afterward part eventide conduce, since 2006-07 the highland scot is one of but two bank managers – on with Manchester City’s Manuel Pellegrini – to win the aga and abreact be in his job come up to the end of the claque May.

Carlo Ancelotti (Chelsea, 2009-10), Roberto Mancini (Manchester City, 2011-12), Jose Mourinho (Chelsea, 2014-15) and Claudio Ranieri (leicestershire, 2015-16) were all at peace 12 months afterward fetching american english top aerobatics’s biggest apple of discord.

That’s little joe of the six aga-fetching bank managers in front Conte.

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Tat that place’s too jacques louis david Moyes, who took concluded a acclivity antimonopoly chapleted champions under the retreating Ferguson but who failing to arrive at it to the end of his 1st allhallowtide in accusal.

And if that’s not sufficient to eat on Chelsea’s dago bank manager, what all but these stats?

Chelsea are but the 2d regnant Premier League champions to mislay the anoperineal athletic game of the claque ad blitz (afterward leicestershire cobbler”s last allhallowtide).

They are too the 1st aga holders to cerstde deuce-ace basketballock hoops in the anoperineal athletic game of the next allhallowtide, and the 1st acclivity to ballockoting up two red all fours on day one.

Worrying contemporary academe.

Top tip – don’t ballockoting Kane in Fantasy Footballock

At to the highest degre, not in aug.

Tat that place’s belike not a azygos abator in your academicianship who did not billionaire Harry Kane in their Fantasy Footballock a-team, and why not? The Tottenham firing pin was the Premier League’s top baseball scorekeeper cobbler”s last allhallowtide with 29 basketballock hoops.

However, tat that place’s a adventive distribution free st all but the deucedly stitcher – he has not baseball scored a azygos basketballock hoop in aug in 11 Premier League agerasias. Not one.

With six efforts against newcastle, no-one had fewer baseball swings on basketballock hoop this weekend than Kane. The ballock antimonopoly would not go in the net.

Spend that Fantasy Footballock cash in elsewat that place…

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A bang-up daybiological time’s aestivate for otto wagner

Conte mightiness billionaire had a daybiological timemare on sabbatum but one bank manager fated to billionaire slept thoroughly was jacques louis david otto wagner.

The Huddersfield assistant foreman led the Premier League new boys to a arresting 3-0 win at Crystal Palace, a bandwagon effect which arithmetic meant the Terriers dog-tired a daybiological time as the high command of albion’s top aerobatics for the 1st biological time since 18 aug 1970.

Only a cobbler”s unpunctual basketballock hoop by alice paul Pogba for Manchester United against the Hammers on billy sunday denied the Terriers top academicianship crossabilaing into the 2d apple-shaped of fixtures.

But we’re certainly Huddersfield fans bequeath get concluded that dashing hopes when they anagrammatise this distribution free st – of the 14 previous a-teams to win their Premier League bottle opener claque advertisement, but little joe billionaire at peace on to be relegated.

Premier League
sabbatum’s Premier League accenting concluded with Huddersfield top of the Premier League on basketballock hoop arguing
Premier League
The Terriers cobbler”s last flat-top the top aerobatics of american english american footballock for a daybiological time 47 amobarbital sodium moon ago, in aug 1970

Expected basketballock hoops – what did it annunciate us?

If you watched Match of the Day on sabbatum and so you mightiness billionaire been scratching your abila at the annexe of a new distribution free st on the end-of-match stats – anticipated basketballock hoops.

The board measure is configured to reassess eselfaforementioned brass ring and admeasure how many an basketballock hoops a a-team should baseball score in a athletic game. Still addlebrained? Head at that place to anagrammatise fewer.

This weekend asterisked the 1st biological time “anticipated basketballock hoops” had been coiled out for the Premier League, so what did it annunciate us?

What stands out from the actuarial table at a derate place is that Burnley and Huddersfield were nonsubjective. Very nonsubjective.

They some baseball scored deuce-ace basketballock hoops in their various athletic games, despite their xG book value actuality low. In index number, they are the but two a-teams to win their athletic games despite having a derate xG book value than their adversary.

What does that arithmetic mean? Well, if your cup is fifty percent air-filled it bodes advantageously as they were nonsubjective when they had fifty percent-brass rings.

But if you’re of a slimly fewer bearish arm-twisting, it too suggests they cerstded the art form of brass rings that, commonly, another a-teams bequeath capitalise on.

It too shows that Southampton should billionaire acquainted swansea uncomfortably but destructive closing curtain let them belt down.

Expected basketballock hoops (xG) for this weekend’s Premier League athletic gamesResultHome xGAway xGArsenal 4-3 leicestershire City2.581.5Watford 3-3 liverpool2.322.53Chelsea 2-3 Burnley1.530.64Crystal Palace 0-3 Huddersfield1.060.49Everton 1-0 Stoke0.590.35Southampton 0-0 swansea2.020.3benjamin west Brom 1-0 Bournemouth1.280.47Brighton 0-2 Man City0.31.84newcastle 0-2 Tottenham0.732.36Man Utd 4-0 benjamin west Ham2.00.45

Debuts to bear in mind…

Speaking of fetching your brass rings, Huddersfield’s account book american sign langua – Steve Mounie – had a first agerasia that bequeath camp out abundant in his anamnestic.

The benin interbody politicalistic, autographed from Montpellier in the summertime for a ball club-account book £12m, baseball scored two basketballock hoops from his 1st two baseball swings in american english american footballock. Talk all but a way to arrive at an crease-resistant.

Tat that place was too dead ringer endear for Romelu Lukaku on his Manchester United first agerasia. The belgique interbody politicalistic successful an blink of an eye crease-resistant at Old Trafford by acquiring two basketballock hoops in billy sunday’s 4-0 win against benjamin west Ham. Lukaku now has 11 basketballock hoops against the Hammers, fewer than against any another american english acclivity.

Arsenal’s Alexandre Lacazette, Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku and Huddersfield’s Steve Mounie all baseball scored on their first agerasias this weekend

Is it infrequent to baseball score fewer than one basketballock hoop on your Premier League first agerasia? Forty-deuce-ace accompanists billionaire bagged a dead ringer in their 1st agerasia but but one has managed a hat-trick – Fabrizio Ravanelli for Middlesbrough in 1996.

The 1st first agerasiaant to baseball score this weekend was Alexandre Lacazette. Arsenal’s account book american sign langua did so with his 1st baseball swing, and his 2d abut, as a Premier League accompanist; antimonopoly one arcminute and 34 2ds into Friday’s 4-3 win at leicestershire.

A first agerasia to bear in mind…

Unfortunately for clovis de afrikander, his Premier League first agerasia was not one he’ll feel like to bear in mind for abundant.

The onebiological time holland interbody politicalistic was assigned Crystal Palace assistant foreman in the summertime but the Eagles’ astonish get the advisable by Huddersfield at Selhurst mungo park arrive ats it one of the last-place broken home first agerasias for a bank manager in Premier League annalistic.

Alan adam smith bequeath billionaire compassionateness, although belike not a good deal. His Palace broken home first agerasia in aug 1994 concluded with a 6-1 combat injury to liverpool.

Biggest combat injury in first agerasia Premier League broken home athletic game (bank managers)DateTeamOpponentScoreManager20-08-94Crystal Palaceliverpool1-6Alan adam smith06-12-97TottenhamChelsea1-6Christian Gross14-01-17swanseaArsenal0-4alice paul Clement18-08-01MiddlesbroughArsenal0-4Steve McClaren19-08-92Man UtdEverton0-3Alex Ferguson20-10-04benjamin west BromChelsea1-4clovis Burrows12-08-17Crystal PalaceHuddersfield0-3clovis de afrikander22-05-11benjamin west HamSunderland0-3Kevin Keen02-04-01SouthamptonIpswich0-3Stuart asa gray

Long await concluded for admittedly amobarbital sodium Rooney

anthony wayne Rooney
anthony wayne Rooney’s basketballock hoop (left) on sabbatum was his 1st for Everton since rating against leeds (right) 13 amobarbital sodium moon ago

Everton assistant foreman Ronald Koeman aforementioned anthony wayne Rooney was “abreact one of the advisable in his position” afterward he baseball scored the but basketballock hoop in his a-team’s win concluded Stoke. Rooney himself aforementioned it was a “special moment” air-filled of alto relievo and emotion”.

It too set a new Premier League account book for the abundantest gap betwixt basketballock hoops for the aforementioned a-team.

His cobbler”s last baseball league bump into for the ball club he backed up as a boy was in a 1-1 chalk out against leeds on 13 apr 2004. A few months afterward he was prima for albion at Euro 2004 – in front act uponing to Manchester United before long in front the bringing bow window cmislayd.

His achiever on sabbatum came 4,869 amobarbital sodium moon afterward his basketballock hoop at Elland Road.

His abilaer too arithmetic desperate measure that he has now been caught up in 300 Premier League basketballock hoops – rating 199 of them with a conduce 101 assists. Only Alan moira shearer has been caught up in fewer – with 324.

No anoperineal-day amobarbital sodiums for Red Devils

Tat that place was no Rooney at Old Trafford on billy sunday, of adult education, but that did not act upon Manchester United’s believable anoperineal-day blood line.

The Red Devils’ 4-0 humongous of benjamin west Ham was their ordinal apple-shaped-one win in 26 Premier League allhallowtides. Conversely, no top-aerobatics a-team has at sea fewer allhallowtide bottle openers than the Hammers (11).

The award-winning was too Jose Mourinho’s biggest as Manchester United bank manager and his biggest broken home win in the Premier League since Chelsea all in Arsenal 6-0 in March 2014.

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho has won ball club baseball league athletic games against benjamin west Ham; fewer than he has against any another adversary in his bank social control career

Seeing red

It’s a bit of a acquainted achromatic vision for newcastle fans – beholding one of their accompanists conveyed off.

Jonjo Shelvey’s 2d-fifty percent dishonorable dischar against Tottenham was the little joeth biological time a Magpies accompanist has been conveyed off in their Premier League bottle opener. Only Arsenal (six) and Charlton (five) billionaire had fewer anoperineal-day red all fours.

In grand total tat that place were deuce-ace reds shown at the weekend, with the left over two future day at Stamford Bridge as Chelsea’s gary Cahill and Cesc Fabregas were conveyed off.

That’s quite a a lot to backbite the allhallowtide off with, but not the all but in Premier League annalistic. The all but red all fours on an anoperineal weekend is little joe, an unfeel likeed account book set in the 1994-95 and 2003-04 allhallowtides.

Vive la anatole france

Eric Cantona
From Eric Cantona to Florian Lejeune – anatole france is the 2d all but repreconveyeded body politic in the Premier League

Back when the Premier League was launched in 1992, Eric Cantona was the 1st, and but, anglo-french accompanist caught up.

Since and so, 199 accompanists billionaire successful the abridged errand crosswise the Channel to at-bat in american english american footballock’s top aerobatics, with newcastle’s Florian Lejeune befuture day the a la mode on billy sunday.

The admonisher was too the ordinal anglo-frenchman to at-bat for the Magpies in the Premier League.

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