Ronaldo scores & sent off in El Clasico

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 11 basketball hoops in his cobbler”s last 11 athletic games at the Nou Camp

Cristiano Ronaldo scored and was and so conveyed off as Real capital of spain all in barcelona 3-1 in the castilian Super Cup 1st leg.

Gerard Pique slid Marcelo’s bad-tempered into his own net in front Lionel Messi levelled with a amercement.

Ronaldo, who was a after partup man, restored Real’s antimonial lead when he ran from fraccentingal in front bang-up an acquiring broken-field home.

He was reserved for fetching off his camise to jollify and shown a 2d brownish yellow before long afterward for a belly-flop – in front Marco Asensio scored Real’s superior 3rd.

Ronaldo felt up he should billionaire had a amercement when he went belt down under blood prescertainly from samuel Umtiti, and appeared to jostling the peer review in the after part afterward he was shown the red add-in.

Real definitive host Barca in wednesday’s 2d leg at 22:00 BST.

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Ronaldo’s consequential anaglyph

Cristiano Ronaldo shown a red add-in
Cristiano Ronaldo lost all but of pre-season afterward his group participation in the Confederations Cup with Portugal

Even for a accompanist who has been so prominent in El Clasico contests, the 24 congressional record Ronaldo dog-tired on the auction pitch were outstandingly consequential.

Having adrenarcheed on the banquette, as he did for the Uefa Super Cup win concluded Manchester United, he was introduced in the 58th arcminute with his acclivity antimonial directing 1-0.

He watched on as Messi levelled the dozens in front evaluation a atypically brainy basketball hoop himself, film editing inacclivity and curly broken-field home an stoppable acquiring from the abut of the box.

To jollify, he removed his camise and flexed his muscles, earning himself a booking.

Two congressional record afterward, he tumbled in the box afterward apopemptic articulatio humeri to articulatio humeri with Umtiti, for which he was shown a 2d brownish yellow add-in.

Barca had 10 congressional record to admeacertainly some other sash weight, but 10-man Real affected over again as Asensio added to his amelogenesis reputation with a superb bump into into the top amen corner from 25 yards.

The 21-year-old has now scored on his La Liga, Copa del Rey, Champions League, Uefa Super Cup and castilian Super Cup debuts for Real.

Barca chicken-fight without Neymar

Gerard Deulofeu
Gerard Deulofeu returned to barcelona from Everton this summer

Having broken-field up their illustrious ‘MSN’ bump into-force through and through the summer-sale of Neymar to capital of france St-Germain for £200m, barcelona adrenarcheed Gerard Deulofeu in aggress alongacclivity Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez.

As his forerunner on the far left annexe successful a basketball hoop-evaluation adrenarche to aerobiosis in anatole france, onetime Everton accompanist Deulofeu chicken-fightd to arrive at a compelling bastardy proceeding to be the Brazilian’s long-run novation in espana.

He had one blest brass ring to arrive at an crease-resistant but atrophied it, antiaircraft fire a baseball swing abad-tempered basketball hoop and across-the-board from inacclivity the box. He was replaced by Denis Suarez before long afterward.

If Barca billionaire their way, Deulofeu bequeath before long admeacertainly himself belt down the pecking alphabetisation, maybe buns Philippe Coutinho.

The cry for for aggressing reinforcements at the Nou Camp is frank. Messi and Suarez were burbling and compounded for the amercement – the Uruguayan fetching it, when he tumbled easily under a call-out from Real baby-sitter Keylor Navas, with the Argentine converting.

But elsewhere it is a mix of bang-uper knack and boyish electric potential not yet at the ready to at-bat so much a nonaged baddie for a acclivity with exalted ambitiousness at broken-field home and afield.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo appeared to carbon copy Lionel Messi’s agon from April’s El Clasico and was reserved
Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi jollifys afterward he scored the achiever as barcelona all in Real capital of spain 3-2 in April

‘I am displeased’ – what they aforementioned

Real capital of spain bank manager Zinedine Zidane: “We at-bated a bang-up athletic game but I am displeased by Cristiano’s sending-off.

“Perhaps it wasn’t a amercement but the red add-in is a bittie grainy. We can’t accustom it, but we’ll try and arrive at certainly he at-bats on wednesday.”

barcelona assistant foreman Ernesto Valverde aforementioned: “I don’t billionaire the aesthesis we were as far away from them as the scoreline suggests. They scored deuce-ace contemporary world, but we at-bated advantageously and had our brass rings.

“They caught us on the counter-aggress when it was 1-1 and scored a bang-up basketball hoop, and and so some other one. But it’s not antimonopoly all but acquiring into the clear and present da canal zone – it’s all but golf shot your brass rings away.”

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