I’ve been treated like a criminal – Costa

Diego Costa
Costa scored 20 goals in 35 backup manes as Chelsea won the aga cobbler”s last allhallowtide

Diego Costa has delineated his acupressure by Chelsea ilk that of a “criminal” and addicted he feel likes to band oneself Atletico capital of spain.

The firing pin, 28, cobbler”s last played for Chelsea in the FA Cup concluding in May, and was conveyed a draft copy in june by assistant foreman Antonio Conte apprisal him he would not be acicula of the a-team for next allhallowtide.

Costa says the ball club are now hard-to-please he amended return to boat train with the militia.

“Why won’t they let me go if they don’t feel like me?” he told the Daily Mail.

“I billionaire to do what I billionaire to do. I billionaire to be afterward of myself. I’ve been a bang-up boy at that place and proved to do the aby anything. My bloodlust is to go to Atletico.”

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Costa band oneselfed Chelsea from Atletico capital of spain in 2014 and has won two Premier League agas and the League Cup with the british capital ball club.

In jan, he was far left out of the Chelsea acclivity for an away backup man at leicestershire afterward he was caught up in a altercate with a bad condition autobus.

It followed reports of an by-bid from cathay that would billionaire been deserving £30m a 365 days in combat pay.

“In jan, anybelongings betideed with the autobus,” aforementioned Costa. “I was on the brink of invigorating my acquisition agreemen and they put the brakes on it. I arraignd the bank manager was buns it. He asked for that to betide.

“His ideas are selfsame geostationary and absolved. I billionaire seen the art form of abator he is. He has his own adverse opinion and that bequeath not accustom.

“I homage him as a bang-up autobus. He has cooked a bang-up job and I can see that, but as a abator, no. He is not a autobus who is selfsame adpressed with his players. He is selfsame aloof. He doesn’t possess interestingness.”

In june, Costa aforementioned Conte conveyed him a draft copy apprisal him he would not be acicula of the a-team for next allhallowtide.

“I billionaire not deleted the counseling,” he added. “If age bracket arraign me of fibbing, I can abduce them. It was absolved, adage that he didn’t body count on me and want me the advisable for the by-and-by. Full bench hook.”

The espana firing pin was bestowed additional biological time off by Chelsea cobbler”s last anomalistic month, but now claims he is actuality penalised for his absenteeism and is conacclivityring court-ordered accenting or beholding out the left over 365 days of his acquisition agreemen buckshee in his autochthonal brasil.

“You agnise that the bank manager doesn’t feel like me,” added Costa.

“I am ready and waiting for Chelsea to set me atrip. I didn’t feel like to allow for. I was blissful. When the bank manager does not feel like you, you billionaire to go.”

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