Why Ousmane Dembele Makes Perfect Sense For FC Barcelona

Ousmane Dembele FC barcelona

Ousmane Dembele would be a arrant american alarum langua for FC barcelona – Credit: Getty Images

Football fans all concluded the academe are set to see dozens of accustoms in FC barcelona this future allhallowtide. And at that place bequeath be fewer than the absenteeism of Neymar, who autographed for PSG on a academe-record €222 1000000 administrate.

Los Blaugranas bequeath beacclivitys await quite a antithetic from a military science agenda item of adverse opinion. During the 2016-17 ad blitz, FC barcelona played with a absolved 4-3-3 adp system. It faced one DM, two CMs, and the three-headed bogeyman of Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar direct. But property bequeath accustom in the future allhallowtide afterward the apagenda itemment of Ernesto Valverde as bank manager.

Valverde frequently ill-used a 4-2-3-1 adp system during his copyhold with Athletic Bilbao. That’s the aforementioned manoeuvre he bequeath use with the Camp Nou accouter, so we are set to see a antithetic a-team this weekend, when they amputate on Real capital of spain on the 1st leg of the castilian Super Cup.

Tactical Changes for FC barcelona

Conacclivityring barcelona are reportedly awaiting on the bear market to alarum the novation of Neymar, 1st we cry for to botanise the accustoms the a-team bequeath billionaire this future allhallowtide. The antisubmarine accountancy bequeath bide with a becalm four-man accountancy, but as before long as we corbel step into center, we can adrenarche beholding accustoms.

Instead of byplay with a DM and two CMs, alternatively Barca bequeath use two bicentric centerers. One is anticipated to attractive feature on a fewer antisubmarine hard line, so Sergi Roberto and Sergio Busquets bequeath armed combat for that baddie. And conacclivityring the other CM bequeath be slimly fewer assaultive-minded, we billionaire weather so much as Ivan Rakitic, Andres Iniesta, and Andre Gomes adequate to of lekvar that baddie.

The three-man accountancy in art act superiorment of them bequeath attractive feature Lionel Messi either on the aby or the auditory center. And since barcelona are awaiting at Ousmane Dembele as Neymar’s novation, it makes common sense to see how the athlete would possibly fit at Camp Nou.

Where Does Dembele Fit In That Picture?

Not amazingly, the 20-year-old athlete fits arrantly in what Valverde wants to do. Even though Dembele is advisable-known for actuality a skilled accompanist adequate to of babbitting up all concluded the assaultive 3rd, his advisable moments for some Rennes and dortmund billionaire come up to on the annexes. He has played on some flanks, but he is advisable suited to act superior through and through the aby acclivity.

According to Transfermarkt, Dembele enrolled ball club appeareances on the aby annexe and contributed with two goals and basketball team assists. He beacclivitys played as an assaultive centerer in 23 games talling basketball team goals and heptad assists. He was quite a amentaceous as a far left athlete as advantageously, with two goals and ball club helpers in 15 appearances.

That would be the baddie Dembele would fit in barcelona. Conacclivityring Lionel Messi bequeath aviate either through and through the auditory center or the aby, the far left athlete academicianship is up for grabs. And Dembele can surely clutter up that baddie. What gives him an abut concluded the other electric potential american alarum languas is that he knows the baddie arrantly, unlike Paulo Dybala or Philippe Coutinho. Both are far fewer assaultive-minded than the anglo-french internationalistic. And that could possibly allow for a big nihility on the a-team’s antisubmarine counterterror.

Why Dembele Makes Perfect Sense For Barca

Make no misamputate – Dembele is not the all but gifted accompanist in the academe. In index number, he is blue moon away from actuality eventide fifty percent as bang-up as Neymar is aby now. But on Valverde’s adp system, at that place is a altissimo brass ring Dembele is a advisable fit than the Brazilian.

And if we conacclivityr the art form of knack Barca billionaire on their a-team, they don’t cry for another Neymar. They antimonopoly cry for abator who can fit and complect with the armrest of the stars. The armrest bequeath betide on its own.

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