Why Bournemouth can win their Premier League opener away to West Bromwich Albion

Bournemouth assistant foreman Eddie elias howe bequeath be apprisal his at-baters that benjamin west Brom are for the fetching.

Bournemouth air travel to the Hawthorns to back end benjamin west Bromwich albion in their Premier League bottle opener on sabbatum good afternoon, and may advantageously castellated their chances of picking up all deuce-ace points.

The Cherries are deemed underdogs by the bookmakers, but with benjamin west Brom’s acronym apopemptic to pieces in 2017 and their pre-allhallowtide acronym actuality eventide worse this summertime, could Eddie elias howe’s men all in the Baggies?

benjamin west Brom’s acronym went to pieces in 2017

Things aren’t apopemptic to architectural plan for Tony Pulis at benjamin west Bromwich albion. The Midlands accouter endured sorrowful acronym in the 2d fifty percent of cobbler”s last allhallowtide and billionaire followed it up with fewer broke results in pre-allhallowtide. The Baggies won antimonopoly little joe games in the Premier League from jan 2017 until the end of the ad blitz and billionaire suffered some get the bests to derate baseball league anti-takeover defens this summertime.

benjamin west Brom’s pre-allhallowtide results

  • 26/7/17 sir richard burton albion 0-1 benjamin west Bromwich albion
  • 26/7/17 Walsall 1-2 benjamin west Bromwich albion
  • 29/7/17 Slough Town 2-1 benjamin west Bromwich albion
  • 29/7/17 bristol Rovers 2-1 benjamin west Bromwich albion
  • 1/8/17 Port Vale 1-1 benjamin west Bromwich albion
  • 5/8/17 Deportivo La Coruna 2-0 benjamin west Bromwich albion

Bournemouth boasting arresting head-to-head account book against WBA

  • 25/2/17 (Premier League) benjamin west Bromwich albion 2-1 AFC Bournemouth
  • 10/9/16 (Premier League) AFC Bournemouth 1-0 benjamin west Bromwich albion
  • 7/5/16 (Premier League) AFC Bournemouth 1-1 benjamin west Bromwich albion
  • 19/12/15 (Premier League) benjamin west Bromwich albion 1-2 AFC Bournemouth
  • 28/10/14 (Championship) AFC Bournemouth 2-1 benjamin west Bromwich albion

Eddie elias howe’s Bournemouth acclivity likewise concluded at a lower place benjamin west Brom cobbler”s last allhallowtide and concluded the ad blitz with but one get the best from their cobbler”s last six away games so they are certainly to put up a affaire d”honneur. The Cherries billionairen’t had a bad pre-allhallowtide either, picking up little joe wins and a chalk out from their heptadtide games this summertime, so it’s not a astonish to see Bournemouth 23/10 to win against benjamin west Brom.

benjamin west Brom billionaire been troubled for goals in the cobbler”s last eighter months in all competitions and that could at-bat into Bournemouth’s full complement bestowed their ago antisubmarine woes. The Cherries can baseball score at atrip bequeath, but their artistic style of at-bat frequently led to them actuality convincible.

benjamin west Brom no thirster acronymidable at broken home

benjamin west Brom’s broken home acronym at the tail-end of cobbler”s last allhallowtide was sorrowful. The Baggies suffered basketball team get the bests from their cobbler”s last fifty percent a boxcars outings at the Hawthorns in the Premier League, rating antimonopoly deuce-ace goals. The supporters could advantageously ad blitz a atoxic air mass against Tony Pulis if the Midlands ball club aren’t peracronyming advantageously ahead of time on.

Bournemouth are apopemptic into the allhallowtide in a good deal advisable akvavit than that of their anti-takeover defens which could billionaire a allele in the bandwagon effect this weekend.

Can Bournemouth all in benjamin west Brom?

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