Sirplay to establish African gaming confederation

Following its continued success in high-growth betting markets across Africa, Sirplay is in the process of establishing a gaming confederation that will enable stakeholders to share critical information relating to markets across the continent.

Sirplay entered the African sportsbook market five years ago, and the group’s solutions are currently operating in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Now, after having already signed four new customers in 2017, CEO Bart Esposito said Sirplay is currently working on a project to establish a gaming confederation that is dedicated to its clients.

“This will start with the Nigerian market, but will spread globally,” Esposito.

“It is our aim to create a network where member bookmakers, maintaining their autonomy, will be able to share each information about risks and dangerous players, creating an always up-to-date monitoring on the local and global betting market.”

He added: “For Sirplay, this would be an opportunity to understand how sportsbook trends are changing and therefore where to invest in developing. We will be revealing the full details of the confederation over the coming weeks.”

According to Esposito, Africa is on course to become one of the main players in the online sports betting industry over the next two years. As with other territories, Africa has its own unique set of challenges, and Sirplay’s gaming confederation aims to help operators to maximise their revenue potential as the market continues to develop and evolve.

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