Russia’s 5-0 victory over Arabia is just the start of Russia’s World Cup

Russia’s 5-0 victory over Arabia is just the start of Russia’s pre-World Cup. Keep up with the latest news on the 2018 World Cup at the prestigious FB88.COM

Russia’s amazing victory over Saudi Arabia 5-0

On 14-06 Russia has opened the World Cup 2018, satisfied millions of people’s hearts Russia. Died Saudi Arabia with a 5-0 big gap. This is also the host country’s threat to the World Cup teams.

Tests of the 2018 World Cup rankings of hosts Russia ranked low 70 in 32 matches. A 5-0 victory over the Russian national team in Saudi Arabia was a huge success for Russia in the first match. This is almost the first of seven Russian matches and coach Stanislav Cherchesov.

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Yesterday was a great night not only for Ng and for Russia. Witnessing Russia’s 5-0 victory, Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed his interest. Send to Stanislav Cherchesov and his army the good wishes and the spirit of competition of the “Russian Bear”

Adviser Stanislav Cherchesov

Former Soviet goalkeeper Stanislav Cherchesov, who played the role of head coach of the Russian team. He also suffered a lot of pressure for this World Cup. For him to win the opening match, it was just Russia’s start to the 2018 World Cup. Russia needed to do much more, with a lot of difficulties ahead and they needed to get through. However, this victory also helped him gain the trust of the fans.

In the second match in the group stage, Russia will face Egypt a stronger team with Liverpool star Mohamed Salah. And the pressure of victory in the opening game, they are expected. Former Soviet former goalkeeper well aware that the later the war will be more difficult and fierce. Has Cherchesov and his army made outstanding performances like the first match.


Thanks to the match, the Russian team has added a new star Denis Cheryshev. The 27-year-old has had a great performance. With 43 minutes left he scored a magnificent goal for the national team with a decent left foot and calmly crossed two defenders. Especially the second goal from the excellent finish distance.

And Saudi Arabia last night was a bad night. When losing 5 goals to the Russian team. The Asian team’s chance of getting past the group stage becomes impossible. And this defeat also meant Saudi Arabia out of the 67th position of the world rankings in the run goal difference with Uruguay, Egypt, Russia.

The World Cup is just beginning, we can not predict anything. There will be surprises, there are also long frustrations. In the midst of the cheerfulness of the fans of the home team, Russia hopes to create even more wonderful achievements. And let’s see what happens next in the 2018 World Cup.


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