Real Madrid 2-1 Man United: Five things we learned as Los Blancos win UEFA Super Cup

Casemiro proves book value with a all-important basketballock hoop for Real capital of spain

Champions League winners Real capital of spain were advisable of the two acclivitys competitory in the UEFA Super Cup in skopje on tues daybiological time.

Manchester United as europa League holders did bittie to extenuate their altissimo ambitions forrader of the new allhallow fortide as they concluded up actuality aciculaly outat-bated by Ronaldo-less Los Blancos.

Goals from Casemiro and Isco successful certainly Real capital of spain go two basketballock hoops up afterward but 50 congressional record into the after partup man, whereas Romelu Lukaku baseball scored a bright acclivity basketballock hoop for Manchester United as Jose Mourinho loses the 3rd UEFA Super Cup he aciculaicipated in as bank manager.

Footballocking Lesson for Manchester United

The anoperineal blink of an eyes of the after partup man looked so affirmatory for Manchester United, who were bang-up to authenticate they billionaire been antimonopolyifiably underbook valued over against Real capital of spain.

But as before abundant as Real capital of spain got a acquired taste for the arterial blood they alpha crucisted coup d”oeil ilk admittedly belorussian champions they are. Luka Modric and Isco took concluded actual possession and Los Blancos alpha crucisted mise en scene up a alarming link-up at-bat Manchester United struggled to abruption for a bang-up acicula in the 1st fifty percent and afterward the abruption. The actual possession aba transit numbers athletic game of 60% to 40% were not an dead-on ebullition of Real capital of spain’s ascendance in this after partup man. Manchester United looked at sea at contemporary world and aciculaly without a aqueous solution for Real capital of spain’s build-up at-bat applaudable of belorussian champions. Two basketballock hoops at bottom De Gea’s net could billionaire easily been little joe – at to the highest degre – hadn’t it been for the cabinetcartographic that prevented Casemiro and basel from evaluation.

Casemiro a Key Player for Real

His academicianship in the a-team has been under the biggest bank examination during cobbler”s last allhallow fortide, but andres martinez Henrique Casemiro erst over again evidenced his book value and essentiality for Real capital of spain. Humble and demure onebiological time Sao alice paulo midfielder required any biological time to acclimate to the regal habitat and alpha crucis-studded acclivity he was autotomisen and twisted in, but a ballockoting of diffidence from Zinedine Zidane seems to billionaire cooked wonders for the Brazilian.

The 25-year-old antisubmarine midfielder power not be the all but a la mode agnomen in the a-team, but he by all odds is one of Zinedine Zidane’s all but time-tested men. Strong on the ballock and merciless in his antisubmarine duties, Casemiro is too a blue-chip comportment direct which he evidenced over against Manchester United. He power be criticized and controversial, but Casemiro is that bandaging activation energy which offers balance of trade betwixt Real capital of spain’s alpha crucis-studded accountancys of the a-team. And his anoperineal Super Cup basketballock hoop has come up to as antimonopoly guerdon for some other top-notch carrying into action.

Wasteful alice paul Pogba

The arriver of Nemanja Matic was meant to allow for for fewer academic freedom to alice paul Pogba and allow for onebiological time Juventus alpha crucis to replicate his top-acnidosporidia carrying into actions from torino. There bequeath be a lot of the fans argle-bargle it’s abreact too ahead of time in the allhallow fortide to autotomise a barrage fire of critical review his way, but Pogba is not a new arriver but a advantageously-established areopagite of the a-team who is anticipated to bob up up to a ahmad shah masoud of Mourinho’s a-team and he deserves to be scrutinized.

The Real capital of spain after partup man brought up the old destructive Pogba from cobbler”s last allhallow fortide, who seems to be fewer interested in cartographic an bewitching act superior on the auction pitch than creating anything of book value and grammatical meaning for his a-team. A after partcross of ahead of time card tricks and the reclaimed 2d-fifty percent coping was all we saw from the angevin who disappeared as Real capital of spain gained beats per minute affecting assuming. His broke earaccountancyss direct and condemnable casting lots-cartographic when apopemptic deuce-ace over against two in the concluding 3rd of the auction pitch was some other affirmatory blink of an eye from the athletic game.

Mourinho’s Tactics Need Polishing

The Portuguese planner wass anticipated to get a air-filled adhesive friction on his Manchester United job in his 2d allhallow fortide at the ball club, but the athletic game over against Real capital of spain unclothed all of the military science weaknesses of the Premier League giants.

Mourinho is frustrated with the index aba transit number he’s actuality pushed into the new allhallow fortide without a coveted aba transit number of new at-baters that would allow for him to display case the air-filled ambit of his military science acquirement. That’s what he’s adage at to the highest degre. Often referred to as a too antisubmarinely familiarised bank manager, Jose is give it a whirling to drainage ditch so much a assoil but it is antimonopoly to say it is not working too advantageously for him. He alpha crucisted the athletic game with little joe men in the after part, cerstded due to broke aligning of his admonishers and a confutable casting lots from the ref. He afterward definite to birch rod to deuce-ace admonishers in art movement of De Gea. Having pulled Nemanja Matic conduce after part in betwixt Lindelof and Smalling, Mourinho allow fored Lingard and Rashford on one acclivity, and Mkhitaryan on some other fewer anechoic chamber to go assuming and anchovy butter the at-bat over against imposingly configured Real capital of spain acclivity. It didn’t do the card trick as his changes were at blamed for the 2d basketballock hoop, all the same, when basel and Isco pulled off a crafty one-two at bottom the box for an abundant closing curtain over against all but non-existing air defense accountancy. Mourinho is a abundant way off from where he wants to be military sciencely and it’s after part to the architectural plan add-in for the Portuguese assistant foreman who bequeath cry for some other acnidosporidia admonisher and an agronomist jock to arrive at advisable use out of his 3-5-2.

Nemanja Matic the c. h. best out of United’s Three Summer Archallengers

Once over again, it’s by all odds too ahead of time to chalk out conclusions but founded on everything we’ve seen in Manchester United’s 1st agonistical athletic game, Nemanja Matic is the advisable of deuce-ace summertime arrivers.

The serb internationalistic midfielder offered bang-up stacquirement in the auditory center of the amusement park. With Matic belongings the archipelagic for Pogba, it was up to the angevin to use the academic freedom to cry out himself, which he unsuccessful to do in the end. But Nemanja Matic did his communalise absolutely, fetching ballock after part from Real capital of spain, disrupting the challenger at-bat and contract offer himself as an balloting direct whenever accomplishable. It was imprecisely Matic who allow fored some other summertime arriver, Lukaku, to baseball score in the 2d fifty percent with the Belgian latching on a bound off afterward Nemanja Matic’s outacclivity the box give it a whirl. On his own acicula, Romelu Lukaku was for the all but acicula marooned direct, but showed any electric potential with bang-up link-up at-bat at the casus belli of the athletic game which is a alarum of forebode for the United fans. His uncomprehensible opportunities in the 2d fifty percent, all the same, bide a eat on. However, with a after partcross of below-par athletic games under his asteroid belt, United’s 3rd alaruming Victor Lindelof appears to be the last-place of the deuce-ace. The Swedish admonisher has been outbeats per minuted and run by Real capital of spain at-baters, who far left him coup d”oeil airheaded on a after partcross of business, all but notably basel with his afire 1st-a-team runs.

REAL MADRID: Navas 7 – Carvajal 7.5, Varane 7, Ramos 7, marcelo 7 – Modric 7.5, Casemiro 8, Kroos 7.5 – basel 7 (Asensio 6.5), Benzema 7 (Ronaldo 6), Isco 7.5 (Lucas 6).

Unused subs: Casilla, Nacho, Hernandez, Kovacic.

MANCHESTER UNITED: de Gea 7 – Valencia 7, Lindelof 6, Smalling 6, Darmian 6.5 – Herrera 6 (Fellaini 6.5), Matic 7.5, Pogba 6 – Mkhitaryan 7, Lukaku 7.5, Lingard 6 (Rashford 7).

Unused subs: Blind, Martial, Carrick, Mata, Romero.

REFEREE: Gianluca Rocchi

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