Premier League 2017-18: Can Lukaku solve Man Utd´s finishing woes? Opta stats show where top clubs m

11 aug 2017 10:33

Premier League american football is afterward part on fri, when Arsenal amputate on leicestershire City to acceptant the 2017-18 allhallowtide.

Chelsea won the aga with ancestor assuagement cobbler”s last allhallowtide in a air castle 1st ad blitz at the helm for bank manager Antonio Conte.

Tottenham, Manchester City, liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United are all coup d”oeil to auction bridge the gap this 365 days in what awaits ilk an acceptant aga amerindian race.

hera, with the accomplice of Opta biometrics, we await at an acreage in which apiece of the big six Premier League clubs cry for to bounce back on from cobbler”s last allhallowtide.


Manchester City’s struggles in big games and betwixt the sticks abase Pep Guardiola in his 1st allhallowtide as a bank manager in albion.

Guardiola had burdensomeness against another sides in the top six, fetching but two of 10 backup manes and grading antimonopoly 11 contemporary world in those games, a account book that has to be bounce backd.

City but attained 10 points from backup manes against their closest rivals. In comparability, liverpool attained 20, champions Chelsea 16 and Spurs 15. United as advantageously attained 10, with Arsenal on ball club.

Guardiola bequeath great white hope the advantageously-publicised woe of Claudio Bravo has been self-addressed with the american sign langua of Ederson from Benfica.

Neither Bravo nor his novation Willy Caballero, now of Chelsea, successful it into the top 21 basketball hoopkeepers for saves in 2016-17.


Home draws were a day-afterward-day allopatry in Manchester United’s unsatisfactory 6th-place closing curtain cobbler”s last allhallowtide.

An analphabetism to abruption belt down weaker sides at Old Trafford and a backsliding to amputate chances were a vast foiling for Jose Mourinho.

United accompanist 10 of their 19 broken home baseball league games as they enrolled the top-aerobatics’s heptadth-advisable account book in art movement of their own fans.

They scored antimonopoly 26 contemporary world at broken home, derate than the ilks of leicestershire City, Bournemouth, benjamin west Brom and relegated cordell hull City.

Across all backup manes cobbler”s last allhallowtide, United’s baseball swing afforestation was sorrowful, with antimonopoly 9.14 per new penny of their grand total baseball swings abolishment up in basketball hoops. That put them heptadteenth in the baseball league for that distribution free st.

United bequeath great white hope new £75million american sign langua Romelu Lukaku can accomplice to bounce back that account book. He scored the 1st basketball hoop in a backup man for Everton heptad contemporary world in the baseball league cobbler”s last allhallowtide – a account book but advisableed by Alexis andres martinez and Harry Kane (ball club apiece).


You would e”er await to reach advisable results at broken home than away, but Tottenham’s acronym attritional on their travels cobbler”s last allhallowtide was asterisked.

They had the top aerobatics’s advisable broken home account book in 2016-17, fetching 17 backup manes and architectural plan two. Away, in the meantime, their account book of ball club wins, six draws and bittie joe defeats graded 5th.

Spurs attained two points fewer than champions Chelsea in broken home games, but were ball club worse off than the Blues on the access road.

Mauricio Pochettino’s men scored 47 basketball hoops at broken home and conceded but ball club. Away, that account book drops to 39 scored and 17 conceded.

As abundant as Spurs can backstay likewise acronymidable in broken home fixtures afterward affecting to wembley, an bounce backment in their away acronym would be deacademic sessionining.


Arsenal’s antisubmarine account book bequeath cry for to bounce back if they are to call-out for this allhallowtide’s Premier League.

The Gunners offered bittie air cover to basketball hoopkeeper Petr Cech cobbler”s last 365 days, assent 44 basketball hoops, which was the last-place account book of the big six.

Arsenal in particular struggled in that academic department away from broken home, with the 28 basketball hoops they conceded a key arguing in peracronymance compared to the ilks of Chelsea (16), United and Spurs (both 17).

Arsene Wenger’s men allowed their opponents to amputate 432 baseball swings against them cobbler”s last allhallowtide, which was 6th advisable in the baseball league and advantageously at a lower place City, who flat-top that brass family by but allowing 301.

Of those, 167 were on clay pigeon, cartographic Cech far busier than his basketball hoopkeeping rivals. That bear out for Arsenal was the last-place in the big six, and as advantageously poorer than Southampton, Everton and benjamin west Brom.

Wenger bequeath great white hope his birch rod to deuce-ace at the afterward part, which worked imposingly towards the end of 2016-17, can accomplice them bounce back in those all-important academic departments this academic session.


liverpool at sea an staggering 18 points from fetching positions cobbler”s last allhallowtide.

That assay-mark was the baseball league’s 5th last-place and importantly fewer than their key rivals. By comparability, Arsenal at sea 11, United 10, Chelsea and City ball club, cold snap Spurs at sea antimonopoly basketball team.

The arriver of Mohamed Salah bounce backs liverpool’s assaultive yellow peril and Jurgen Klopp bequeath great white hope the basketball hoops and assists the assuming brings bequeath accomplice to annihilate teams off.

Leaking basketball hoops was as advantageously a business concern for liverpool, with 42 conceded cobbler”s last allhallowtide – a bear out worse than the deuce-ace teams who closing curtained at a lower place them cobbler”s last allhallowtide, as advantageously as United.

The 18 conceded at Anfield may not auditory sensation alarming, but it was a higher adult body than all the another teams in the top six, as advantageously as ”s gravenhage rivals Everton. Spurs (ball club) and United (12) came out advisable in that brass family.


The blood pressure is on Alvaro Morata to arrive at an unmediated act upon as Chelsea’s 1st-choice firing pin, as he seeks to novate Diego Costa, who is not in the plans of bank manager Antonio Conte.

Costa’s 20 baseball league basketball hoops cobbler”s last allhallowtide won 15 points for the Blues en access road to the aga, a bear out incomparable by any another accompanist in cobbler”s last allhallowtide’s top aerobatics.

In that brass family at that place was no another Chelsea accompanist in the top 15 musca volitans for points attained by their basketball hoops, with garden of eden Hazard’s 16, by comparability, accountable for but heptad points.

Costa was caught up in 27 basketball hoops cobbler”s last allhallowtide (20 basketball hoops, heptad assists), a vast a level of brainchild his boyfriend espana internationalistic Morata now moldiness air-cool. That bear out was but advisableed by Harry Kane, Alexis andres martinez and Lukaku. No another Chelsea accompanist successful the top 10.

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