Predictions Tottenham Hotspur vs Borussia Dortmund 01h45 14/09

Expert opinion: over the weekend, Everton crush Tottenham was outstanding with the ratio of 3-0 to end two consecutive wins in the League. It is also the second after 4 rounds game master COACH Pochettino garnered the maximum points, after the rookie pass Newcastle achievement in days out. In common for the win? That is it will all play out on the field.


What about at home? As all know, since the season of the year the official Wembley was chosen as the home of Tottenham. And it looks like this is a no decision really. By the numbers are again pointing out that statistics, 61,000-seat capacity STADIUM has never been considered a solid prop for the roosters.

The evidence is both the “home” matches this season, Tottenham were unable to win. Them to Chelsea defeated the 2-1 in the battle of overtake, and most recently a draw with 1-1 Republic ratio before Burnley despite holding the ball up to 68% of the time, launched 28 shots and enjoy 10 corner.

The fact is this season not to curse the new Wembley is haunting the Tottenham player. Last season the master game, COACH Pochettino was also eliminated from the Champions League group stage, early steps in to stop the knock-out round of the Europa League and was eliminated in the semi-finals of the FA Cup by weak performances at Wembley. In total, the roosters 2/12 win the battle only on this STADIUM.


Dortmund and Tottenham each encounter each other in the round of the Europa League-season 1/8 2015/16. Meanwhile, the representative of Germany easily overcame the opponents with the total 5-1 ratio after 2 turns. That is the difference between class a teams, just the third time in the group stage of the Champions League (Tottenham) with a team of 4 consecutive seasons recently write your name into the European Cup knock-out round (Dortmund).

With the page is the area of unbeaten domestically and are clean, the Dortmund players are very confident for British customers to do. Though young talent Dembele broke with record prices, but the current lineup of Dortmund still appreciate about elements of a field experience.

Meanwhile, with the absence of many key players such as Nkoudou, Danny Rose and Wanyama, especially players who are high level is reached, the power of Alli Dele Tottenham will certainly be affected. In addition, capital also not what the Dortmund game pressing that the team of COACH Pochettino are applied and even can play in higher level.

Will a world doubles the extremely attractive on the Wembley pitch at which, the dirty old man of Dortmund will be thoroughly promoted. And as long as the Tottenham players still can’t figure out how to solve the curse of Wembley, that ambition far they still will not be appreciated.

9/12 battle of 4/6 battle of Tottenham and Dortmund have at least 3 goals scored. Both encounters between the two teams at the European Cup are ended with three goals or more.

Prediction: 1-2