Predictions Manchester United vs Everton 22h00 on 17/09

Expert opinion: being as an F1 on the track, the wind tore off the string of consecutive wins by M.U in English suddenly back when they were Stoke holding peace 2-2 in Britannia. However, the reds quickly prove that is just an accident. When pressure on the record was removed, they easily crush the 3-0 in the framework of the Basel group stage Champions League midweek day.


Back at home to Everton, welcomed the players M. U’re holding in hand many advantages. Red Devil is the name meant The Toffees must embrace hate most in League era with 33 failure. Already, the statistics show the team of COACH Koeman also proved to be extremely weak, with 10 consecutive matches and only lost in the League of a country.

The middle of the past week, representatives of the Merseyside region continuing to render the NHM is disappointed when the crushing defeat at Atalanta before 0-3 the playing for the Europa League. It was the third consecutive home defeat by Everton, and notably they are not scoring goals while must get about eight goals.

With a team that has just spent over 100 million pounds to strengthen the force, it is hard to accept. Everton still missing too many elements to be able to rise to a range of real power.

One of the details that make the match between Everton and U M. most attention is the re-ex-team meets the man who was the soul of two teams. First, the NHM reds will for the first time saw the return of Rooney-each player is considered the symbol of Old Trafford.

Stick with M. U throughout the last 13 years, Rooney has been a part of the important history of the red half of Manchester City. With 253 goals in 559 appearances, he passed the senior Bobby Charlton (249 goals in 758 appearances) to become the best desk hunt tree team history. So that now, “Shrek Guy” will have gotten old love old meanings aside to help Everton beat MU.

In contrast, Lukaku afternoon also will face the team which helped him to become a phenomenon. Belgian striker last season, was the second best in the League with 25 goals have been to Everton (the only scorer Harry Kane of Tottenham with 29 goals) before moving on to M. U with a contract worth 75 million pounds.

Along with the new team to dock many ambitions, but until this point only a name response is expected. Rooney each scored in the first 2 laps at the Premier League this season, helping Everton win at Stoke and peace of Man City. But since then, the biggest impact of former Captain M. U just problems related to discipline.

Meanwhile, Lukaku back are the brilliant shine of the home team at Old Trafford. This player has scored five goals in six matches including four goals in the Premier League, and has just launched the desk in the Champions League victory the previous day between the Basel 3-0 week.


The Pogba injury in the game against Basel 2 minutes between downloads and are projected to retire more than a month is certainly no small loss with Manchester United since moving to Old Trafford last summer, French midfielder has always played an important role in COACH Mourinho’s tactical system.

Thankfully for the special person is a former Everton’s Fellaini’s people are in high level. Before the “big Guy”, Basel has excellent performance and is the author of the open tables in 35 minutes. More likely the same Fellaini Matic and Herrera will act as the central midfielder of Manchester United

Before the midfield full of muscles that Everton are owned, choosing to play with 3 player in the middle of the courtyard is not a bad solution of the return fixture next to creating a wall in extreme certainly in front of the duo central defender then, in the case of the attack on the nose up, Fellaini or Matic can rise high to create a punch full of quality from two glands.

A row of six M. U in English and 4/5 the most recent match of Everton finished with a total of goals is even. Both encounters between the two teams last season also had a total of goals is not divisible by 2.

Prediction: 2-0

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