Predictions Espanyol vs Celta Vigo 02h00 on 19/9

Expert opinion: one goal, 1 point is all what the master game, COACH Sanchez Flores do count until this point of La Liga. After 3 Matchday, they are 1 in 3 teams last stand on the RANKINGS (more than Alaves and Malaga). Are there signs of decline took place at RCDE when that result of homeowners worse off. First round Espanyol Sevilla 1-1 Republic, but in the second round they lost to Leganes-adversaries in the medium range 0-1, culminating in a trip to Camp Nou with Barcelona before 0-5 failed. 



Even more worrying, the statistics even when Espanyol were kicked at home also are against them. 4 specific seating closest match (in brief La Liga), host the entire lost both the expertise and the TLCA, not scoring any goals would while conceding six goals. Increased difficulty with Captain Sanchez Flores when the hosts Celta Vigo they pillar 2 important absence is Oscar Duarte and Javi Lopez. The rest with only one goal scored after 3 rounds not bring NHM more peace of mind.



On the other side of the line, the visitors Celta Vigo has just renewed the feeling of triumph when gently pass Alaves by 1-0. Fight result has especially important significance, psychological knot strain by 2 consecutive failures before that. Marched to RCDE, Celta Vigo have a strong mentality. Review on head-to-head, they complete confidence by 4 consecutive Espanyol could not beat Unzue COACH’s army. In the context of the spirit of home owners are downhill disaster, the Celta Vigo left RCDE with at least 1 point is totally predictable.

5/7 battle of confrontation near here have no more than 2 goals scored. 6/7 battle recently of Espanyol on Geek. The battle of Celta Vigo have similar results.


  • Espanyol: Óscar Duarte and Javi López trauma could not compete.
  • Celta Vigo: appearances by Nemanja Radoja and John Guidetti suppressed unanswered.

Prediction: 1-1

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