Predictions Analysis Osasuna vs Albacete 03h00, 08/09

Expert opinion:  After three matches in the new season Osasuna failed to win three points despite all their opponents are not too “hard”.


This achievement can cause the owner to pay the price if not timely relieve the pressure on the players. So even though this match was only in the playoffs, Osasuna had no interest in the past, but they were still in the squad with the highest level of commitment to the 3-point goal.

Just Osasuna play with 100% strength, the chance for them to cut off the circuit past is very high. This is because the situation of the opposite side is not much better than how. Not only did not win one match (a point after three rounds), but also a new table in the new playground. This is the consequence when Albacete is prepared to deviate before the new season. Including the friendly series, the visitors have received up to 5 losses in the last seven matches.

With soft “rivals” like Albacete, there is no better chance for Osasuna to relieve his thirst. With the experience of a veteran who rolled in La Liga, landlords are overpowering this “ca”. History is also on their side when Osasuna always gets the desired result in Albacete at El Sadar. Accordingly, in the last three times to host this opponent on home field, all three Osasuna wins the victory. Put trust in the landlord.

The last six games of Flamengo and the last six of Cruzeiro’s last six have scored less than 2 1/2 goals. The 4/5 matches between the two teams also ended in the same result.