Prediction West Ham United vs Huddersfield Town 02h00 on 12/09

Expert opinion: among the names are present in this laboratory You Bias Foreign, probably not any “black” training as West Ham.


The 3rd round of past work is 3 times the master of game COACH Bilic must bring the bells go Dukes who, and what end all unions are already clear. Military surplus battle broke out on the courtyard of The hammer series, continue to receive two more failed again in the trips make the guests of Southampton and Newcastle.

The work was returned, the home series welcomes rookie Huddersfield in the late work for four, with no West Ham player he would see limited sunshine showers. Not need to know who is strong, weak opponents, only the span of the step runs in the London Stadium also brought extreme spiritual meaning to the game master COACH Bilic. More, this is also where the witness they beat Tottenham, Chelsea … front.


Huddersfield are on the way to break a series record for coaching up heaven. But not until then, what represented the Yorkshire region, causing enough do they attract the attention of Portsmouth 2003/04 pilot since, New England Bias Foreign saw a rookie have big head so impressed with the achievements won 4 1/5 Republic, recent match on all of the work of the school.

But make sure, make sure, Huddersfield still just a coaching ball for the first 45 years of highest impact Bias again. Two courses about severe Foreign Natural playground remain valid when the pilot front Hull and Middlesbrough all have to return to the Pack towel Angel below only after less than 1 year, while Burnley must constantly live in fear despite big head was also impressed by such least Huddersfield.

Disadvantage for Huddersfield is computer suddenly was no longer. The opponent has recognized master game manager David Wagner had given Bulgaria the design encyclopedia book deal right. Using his experience of the same home field advantage, believe that the West Ham players will overcome this difficult stage with 3 points first.

6/7 the past battle of West Ham at least 3 goals scored. 6/8 battle of Huddersfield also finished with three goals.


  • -West Ham are absent because of injury, Arnautovic Lanzini suspension; gièm appearances of Kouyate, Reid, Carroll, Fernandes, a. you still open.
  • -Huddersfield away Cranie, Stankovic, Hogg because of injury; Mooy, La Parra, Quaner not sure.

Prediction: 2-1