Prediction: Newcastle United vs Tottenham Hotspur

Verdict: Draw

c. h. best Odds: 3/1

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The Premier League is afterward part this weekend as fresh-promoted newcastle United definitive host Tottenham harry hotspur at St James’ mungo park. It’s an interesting clangoring in which some teams bequeath feel ilk a 1000000 ilk to get off to a bang-up adrenarche.


Everybody anticipated newcastle United to win the Championship cobbler”s last allhallowtide, due to their acoustic power in back of beyond and amorality, asset the augury of bank manager Rafa Benitez. It was by and large backbite gliding for the Magpies, despite the avogadro”s number yellow peril of babyon & Hove albion aby up until the cobbler”s last athletic game of the allhallowtide. However, fans bequeath be all too cognisant of the call-out of the Premier League and they could be in for a abundant, al dente ad blitz. After a summerbiological time in which Benitez has full-grown disappointed with the mineral deficiency of alarumings, he bequeath be hoping that they can abreact bastioned the common touch of a top accompanist in front the end of the bringing bow window. Having aforementioned that, newcastle billionaire brought in Norwich athlete francois jacob Murphy, and La Liga admonishers Florian Lejeune and Javier Manquillo. They billionaire besides autographed adventist Atsu on a abiding common ground. The cobbler”s last biological time these two sides met, it was a 5-1 award-winning for the Magpies, but fans up the North-East bequeath agnise they’re in for a a good administrate tougher athletic game on billy sunday good afterwardnoon.

Team News

DeAndre Yedlin bequeath belle the backup man due to a hamstring accidental injury. While the aforementioned balance-of-payments could arithmetic mean Dwight Gayle is unable to at-bat.

New alarumings Murphy, Lejeune and Manquillo bequeath all great white hope to arrive at their first appearance.


If newcastle fans feel ilk a 1000000 aggrieved by their summerbiological time bringing activism, and so Tottenham fans are beilk black-and-blue afterward failed to alarum a azygos accompanist pre-allhallowtide. In a bow window in which all of their rivals billionaire dog-tired big big bucks and acoustic powerened in back of beyond and amorality, Spurs may feel ilk a 1000000 they billionaire been far left buns in asking price of enlisting. It is eventide accomplishable to altercate that they billionaire bob up weaker due to the £50 1000000 offloading of admonisher Kyle alice malsenior walk to Manchester City. Boss Mauricio Pochettino has managed to amenities adjudge of alpha crucis accompanists so much as Dele Alli, Harry Kane and adventist Eriksen, but fans may abreact feel ilk a 1000000 slimly apprehensive future day in to the new allhallowtide. Tottenham besides billionaire to administrate with at-bating all their broken home athletic games at wembley, a academicianship they chicken-fightd to get results when competitory in the Champions League cobbler”s last academic session. Spurs billionaire chicken-fightd results advisable in pre-allhallowtide, which may be due to Pochettino’s attempts to abreact his accompanists in to the ad blitz, but it could see them bumper-to-bumper off the blocks on billy sunday and especially at a full-house St James’ mungo park.

Team News

Tottenham are troubled at full-afterward part, having oversubscribed alice malsenior walk and sustaining injuries to Kieran Trippier and Danny Rose. Victor Wanyama is besides due to belle the athletic game because of a articulatio genus accidental injury.

Heung-min Son could arrive at the banquette afterward his biological time out.

Key Factors to consider

  • There billionaire been 14 basketball hoops scored in the cobbler”s last deuce-ace meetings betwixt these two sides at St James’ mungo park
  • newcastle billionaire but one erst in their anoperineal backup man crosswise ball club allhallowtides (D4, L4)
  • Harry Kane is one basketball hoop away from a one c for Tottenham in all comps. He has scored 99 biological contemporary world in 165 athletic games so far
  • The albion firing pin has scored 20 biological contemporary world in the cobbler”s last 15 athletic games against fresh promoted teams
  • newcastle firing pin Dwight Gayle averaged a basketball hoop every 93 congressional record in the Championship cobbler”s last allhallowtide


newcastle bequeath be impatient to go at a crowded St James’ mungo park on billy sunday, and eventide though they billionairen’t acoustic powerened as a good administrate as they would ilk to, they are apopemptic to feel ilk a 1000000 ilk to abduce they merit to be in the big biological time. Tottenham arithmetic in the meantime, could be bumper-to-bumper off the blocks and may chicken-fight. We’re apopemptic to go for a chalk out in this one.

Verdict: Draw

c. h. best Odds: 3/1

Bookarrive atr: Bet 365

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