Predict & analyze Manchester City vs Liverpool 18h30, Sep 09th

There are 7 points in hand, only under the same opponents MU City but the Manchester City players have not met the expectations of most NHM. With a team that has thrown more than £ 200m into the summer transfer market, struggling to get one point against Everton, or being beaten by a small team of Bournemouth, it’s a real deal. difficult to accept.


Possessed the same performance as the Premier League with two wins and one draw, but Liverpool’s performance has received countless compliments. The Kop have 4 consecutive wins in every arena and all are impressive. Just before the Premier League qualifier halted to make way for the 2018 World Cup qualifiers, the Reds crushed Arsenal 4-0.

But anyway, to dispel the skepticism, the Manchester City players have no choice but to beat Liverpool at all costs. A victory will show the Green Man bears in his hidden power, worthy of the status of the number one candidate for the championship. Otherwise, everything is at risk of becoming catastrophic. Confidence in the players has deteriorated, and even Pep Guardiola’s future has become insecure.

Beat Liverpool was never easy with any of the big men in the Premiership. It is no coincidence that The Kop is considered a “great war king”. They have a very high style, plus the very strong players like Firmino, Mane, Salah, … Liverpool will certainly cause a lot of difficulties for teacher Guardiola.

City’s task is to lock the detonators on the visitors. Fortunately for coach Pep Guardiola, both Mendy and Walker have returned from injury and suspension. Mendy’s powers will help the Green Hall’s left wing become much more mobile and sure, while Walker’s speed will minimize the damage Mane creates. With only two wings locked, Liverpool seem to lose more than half their strength.

When it was possible to rest assured about the defense, it was also the power in the upper of City is maximized. Both Silva and De Bruyne both have excellent performances in the national team shirt, and the pair are expected to continue to shine to create the turning point of the game. Not to mention, Sane and Gabriel Jesus are always ready to punish the enemy with the accelerated phase of the F1 cars.

Speaking of defense, according to what Liverpool show this season, the peace of mind is not much. Fixed situations have always given their fans a heart-throb, as in recent matches with Watford and Hoffenheim. It must be objective to say that the Kop kept the net before Arsenal somewhat deriving from the spirit of the silver play and the ability of the opponent’s bad end.

In addition, playing in Etihad is a very different experience with the Liverpool after three consecutive matches at Anfield. Remember, during the reign of Pep Guardiola, Man City lost only one game in the Premier League.

7/10 recent encounters between two teams with at least 3 goals scored. 5/6 of Liverpool last four appearances from 4 goals or more. Liverpool scored 13 consecutive games against City.


  • Man City: Kompany, Gundogan injury; Sterling is suspended.
  • Liverpool: Lallana, Bogdan, Clyne, Ings absent due to injury; Coutinho is also not on the list.