Odds quarter-finals World Cup 2018 match Belgium vs Brazil 1h Saturday 07-07-2018

Belgium vs Brazil is certainly the most anticipated match in the quarterfinals. World Cup football match today Belgium vs Brazil 1h Saturday 07/07.

Odds quarter-finals World Cup 2018 match Belgium vs Brazil

Of the four matches of the quarterfinals, Belgium vs. Brazil is undoubtedly the most attractive match. Because, these are two very strong teams in this year’s World Cup. Two-team squad possesses many expensive stars. Estimates, the transfer value of the players in the two-team squad worth up to $ 2 billion.

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Brazil is always a great team, a brilliant candidate for the championship of every World Cup. Belgium has the best players with the best attacking players in the world. The European Reds are desperate to win the world title for the first time in history.

Brazil has made 15 appearances in the quarter-finals of the previous World Cup. Of those, South American Selecao only lost four times in 1954, 1986, 2006, 2010. Belgium was previously only two times in the quarterfinals of the World Cup. In it, the Reds won once in 1986 and lost in 2014. Details of World Cup football match today Belgium vs Brazil.

Odds 0: 1/4

In the quarterfinals, Belgium won the last nine matches in the World Cup (qualifying). Brazil won 13 of the last 16 matches in the World Cup (including qualifying).

Belgium vs. Brazil have had five encounters before. Brazil won three times and lost once. The last two teams met in the 2002 World Cup. Brazil won 2-0. Therefore, this match home to Brazil rattled on the clutch of Belgium 0 – 1/4 ball. Get out of Brazil Football World Cup 2018

Odds Over/Uder 2 1/2

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Up to now, Brazil and Belgium are the team scored the most goals in the 2018 World Cup. Each match average Brazil scored 2 goals, and Belgium scored on average 3 goals per game.

In history, each match between two teams has an average of four goals scored. This shows the remarkable performance of the strikers both teams. Prediction, the two teams will bring a quarter-final match with more than three goals scored. 2 1/2 talents, talented.

Odds European

After 4 games, Belgium scored 12 goals, eight of which were scored in the second half (2 goals in extra time). Before this game, Brazil scored 7 goals, 5 was done in the second half (2 goals in extra time).

Predictions for European 1-0 draw. The ability of the two teams will determine the game in the second half. However, Brazil is still the team class, rich in achievements in the World Cup. European roulette match for Brazil.

Prediction for 3-2 for Brazil

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Probable teams

Brazil: Alisson; Miranda, Silva, Luis, Fagner; Paulinho, Fernandinho, Coutinho, Willian; Jesus, Neymar.

Belgium: Courtois; Kompany, Vertonghen, Alderweireld; Witsel, De Bruyne, Carrasco, Meunier; Mertens, Gambling; Lukaku.

Odds quarter-finals World Cup 2018

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