England vs Slovakia, 01h45 on 5 September 2017

Beginning with two successive failures in the 2018 World Cup qualifier, not many people think Slovakia has risen so strongly. 


Five consecutive games after that, coach Kozak Kozak a circuit brought 15 points, over Scotland, Slovenia to rise to No. 2 on the chart. They can even think of a ticket to Russia next year if they win against England – their opponents are two points ahead of Slovakia, but with the last two matches the visitors must be in full. straight.

Of course this will be extremely difficult goal, because the Three is the strongest rating and still holds the record of unbeaten (win 5, draw 2). Although the spirit should be high, but do not forget that Slovakia is always “afraid” the British. The last five encounters in EURO, the World Cup qualifiers and qualification, the visitors had four defeats, and were fortunate enough to draw a match. It seems that the human element and the two-player gameplay are somewhat similar. While the monks scored to nine goals, Slovakia only modest 2 times penetrated the opponent net.

Slovakia possesses a few players, their strength is in the fighting spirit and the team’s cohesion. Despite winning the last five matches in qualifying for the World Cup, Slovakia is not without weaknesses. Before a weak Malta or Lithuania played erratically, the visitors conceded to conceded, even trip to Lithuania, teacher teacher Kozak almost split points. Standing in front of a team as strong as England, there is no guarantee that Slovakia’s defenses will stand.


On the other side of the line, England have just witnessed the brilliant “cleansing” of striker Harry Kane. In a match against Malta, the three deadlocked in the first half and having to rely on Tottenham striker to be able to remove the mentality, results Southgate and the students to defeat Malta. small as a result 4-0. Thanks to that, on the table the England team is in the top spot. This match, Southgate strategist understands that they are not allowed to lose. If he wins, England will have the chance to win tickets in advance of the first round. And when the defeat, Mist does not eliminate the need to play off.

Because of this important nature, Southgate coaches launched the strongest team in hand, except for the case of Jordan Pickford and Kieran Trippier injury. Reminds a bit about the team’s debut, on the line is still the appearance of striker Harry Kane as a striker. Alli, Rashford and Lingard play backwards. The midfield, Henderson and Dier pair continue to be used, while Cahill and Phil Jones will be the soul of the defense.

This qualifying campaign, Joe Hart and his teammates demonstrated their strength and certainty. In addition to Scotland, the only team to score in the England squad, the other four, including Slovakia, have yet to make a comeback. Hit them to play in away field but still beat Slovakia by winning just enough (1-0 win). Having the advantage of the home field, overwhelming confrontational psychology, it is more likely that the British will once again cause Slovakia to hug.


Predictions : 2-0

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