The Czech republic vs Germany, 1h45 on 2ND September (2018 World Cup Qualifiers in Europe)

The final time period that Czech attack that “chain” in the Languages like german container has been a decade’s back. a decade’s along with the want to find themselves treatment is usually not even close to since distant as being the up-to-date a few..


The Czech Republic have a poor performance in Group C World Cup 2018. Compared with competitors such as Germany or Northern Ireland, the Czech Republic won just two or six matches. So up to this point they are currently 9 points and at least 4 points ahead of the Northern Ireland runners-up for the playoffs. This sad situation is due to the disappointing performances of the students under coach Jarolim. It is not worth the draw before Norway despite the lead, Azerbaijan and Northern Ireland goalkeeper. The failure of Germany to “roll back the white belly” in the first leg of the game is apparently difficult to end. Rebels Germany at home, will the results change? It is very difficult when seven times before the Czech Republic won 2, lost 5 games.

In contrast to the image of the Czech Republic is a German War Victims Tank. 6 rounds of passes are the six rounds of Joachim Loew’s pupils make the opponent dark face. Mueller (5 goals) led the defending champions to score 27 goals against the rest of the group, with most of the teams taking part in the 2018 VL World Cup in Europe. In contrast, the number of goals that the phone ranked second FIFA only one table.

There are 18 points absolute, than the nearest clan chase Northern Irelands 5 points, the Confederation Cup 2017 official winner tickets to Russia next year not far away. At that time, it was almost safe to ask a question of whether Germany had failed in the Czech Republic a decade ago.


Germany was top of the table at the time but suddenly lost 0-3 at home to the opposition in October 2017. At the end of the campaign, the Czech Republic topped the table and Germany beat Germany 2-0 at the same time. However, remember that year Czech played very well both in the field and player thanks to Koller, Cech, Matejovsky , Plasil, … Now, the past is far away, begging you to dream of a beautiful endowment to reap hope even though the opportunity is not much. The old Czech was lost in the stellar star, inferior to the current level.

With the superior level, the champion was hired by the lottery with the odds of 1 tie with 2.5-3. Obviously, if no surprise happened, winning for the neck of the tank would be a sure thing. Therefore, the selection of Germany and Tai looks more reasonable.