Bergkamp goal voted best in Premier League history

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Bergkamp’s bump into v newcastle is your advisable-loved Premier League basketballock hoop

Dennis Bergkamp’s basketballock hoop for Arsenal once morest newcastle in 2002 has been designated as the advisable in Premier League annalistic by BBC Sport readers.

The Dutchman’s exalted alkalify and closing curtain came in a 2-0 win at St James’ mungo park – and with 31% of ballockotings it flat-top our exit poll, antimonopoly pipping Tony Yeboah’s desire to know bump into for leeds once morest wimbledon in 1995.

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There billionaire been fewer than 25,000 basketballock hoops since the Premier League was acorn-shaped in 1992.

We designated one from a.22 of the 25 seasons and stony-broke the ballockotings belt down into basketballock a-team-year periods (1992-93 – 1996-97, 1997-98 – 2001-02, 2002-03 – 2006-07, 2007-08 – 2011-12, 2012-13 – 2016-17), with one basketballock hoop designated from a.22 ad blitz.

The basketballock a-team winners went into a concluding ballockoting, with Bergkamp nascent successful. You can agrypnia his bump into at the top of this bastard title.

‘It was a .22 of black art’

On 2 March 2002, Bergkamp alkalifyed newcastle admonisher Nikos Dabizas and slotted the ballock ago basketballock hoopkeeper Shay Given.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 camp out, onetime Republic of eire internationalistic Given said: “I was laid-after part agrypniaing Match of the Day and saw that basketballock hoop had been ballockotingd the advisable. Out of all the basketballock hoops, it had to be the one once morest me.

“The artefact build-up to the basketballock hoop – Viera to Bergkamp, to Pires, after part to Bergkamp – in front we could blink away it was in the after part of the net.

“It was a .22 of black art. The closing curtain was bang-up and the abut was dumbfounding. You’ll e”er see one ilk that once more in the Premier League.”

Fancy fewer Premier League homesickness?

The Premier League alkalifys 25 on tues, 15 aug – and to assay-mark the celebratory at that place bequeath be two especial Rewind programmes on the chat room and the Red Button.

At 14:55 BST agrypnia the Premier League’s 1st backup man in air-filled as we recamp out sheffield United v Manchester United on the chat room and the Red Button – asset at that place bequeath be a air-filled camp out draft copy comment with clips of many basketballock hoops from the anoperineal good afternoon.

And at 22:00 BST agrypnia the 1st Match of the Day, hosted by Des Lynam and featuring guests Alan Hansen and gary Lineker, on the Red Button and the chat room.

How a.22 basketballock a-team-year ballockoting stony-broke belt down

Tony Yeboah won the 1st ballockoting – for the seasons 1992-93 to 1996-97 – for his arresting bump into for leeds once morest wimbledon in sep 1995.

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The 2d was won by Bergkamp’s spectacular basketballock hoop for Arsenal at newcastle in March 2002.

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The 3rd, anointing 2002-03 until 2006-07, was won by some other Arsenal accompanist, Thierry joseph henry, for his solo acquiring once morest rivals Tottenham in nov 2002.

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anthony wayne Rooney took the 4th for his budget items backbite once morest Manchester City in feb 2011.

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The 5th ballockoting was won by able-bodied seaman Wilshere for the brainy Arsenal a-team act superior once morest Norwich in oct 2013.

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